I came to this country in 1967 and raised three children. This country gave my children and I opportunities I could not have imagined as a new mother. The obstacles of raising a family in another country so different from my own, however, continued to overwhelm me. How to impart my cultural heritage, of which I am so proud, to my children in the context of a modern world that changes dramatically from day to day became my biggest struggle as a parent.

Now, as a grandmother to four beautiful girls, I promised myself that I would spend the rest of my life sharing my personal cultural knowledge with my family, friends and anyone else who was interested. In so doing, Culture Train was born.

While the world appears smaller and closer thanks to technological breakthroughs, the fast pace these breakthroughs have ushered in reduces the importance of traditional teachings. Most young children and adults today can find whatever they are looking for on the internet; the teachings of their parents and grandparents are lost for a lack of interest, time and attention. Older adults, who remember the essence of their traditions, cannot recall the details sufficient to explain their knowledge to new generations.

Our hope at Culture Train is to help older adults remember the teachings of their parents and grandparents, and share these teachings with others. From language classes to cooking classes, from dance recitals to art shows, we at Culture Train intend to encourage a reconnection to our past, for generations to come.